Who Are We

El Chavo's Mission is to provide excellent, out-of-the-ordinary, authentic Mexican foods that evoke the feelings, aromas, and mouth-watering flavors of beloved street vendors and restaurants of Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, and other urban and small-town culinary cultures of Mexico; and to create a work environment for El Chavo associates that inspires quality, pride in the art of culinary service, and passion for providing an excellent customer experience.

Our History

Most loved Mexican Food since January 2023

Back in January 2023, my two friends and I decided to turn our shared passion for Mexican cuisine into a reality by opening our own restaurant. We've always been fascinated by the rich flavors, colorful presentation, and the warmth that comes with sharing a delicious meal with friends and family. As a team of three, each of us brought unique skills and experiences to the table. One of us had a background in culinary arts, another had expertise in restaurant management, and the third was well-versed in marketing and branding. With our combined talents, we believed we could create a truly memorable dining experience for our patrons. Our vision was to bring authentic Mexican flavors to our community while also putting a creative spin on classic dishes. From mouth-watering tacos to irresistible nachos and steaming hot tamales, we wanted to showcase the best that Mexican cuisine has to offer. Over time, our restaurant has become a local favorite, known for its vibrant atmosphere, exceptional service, and, of course, the delicious food. We are incredibly proud of what we've achieved together and look forward to continuing our journey in the world of Mexican cuisine.

Loved by Many

  My husband and I were on a shopping trip at Saraga International Market in Castleton and decided to stop for a little lunch. I had tamales, refried beans, and rice, and my husband had asado with beans and rice. We both had some horchata. Being inside Saraga means it's going to be a little cold in the winter. I think it's just a function of the space being so big. The staff was super kind and very helpful. The food arrived quickly and hot and it was delicious. No complaints whatsoever. Would absolutely eat here again.

thumb Susan B.

  This is my first time to visit El Chavo. I really wanted to like it. The employees were very friendly and helpful!!  The chips and salsa were surprisingly very good. The beans and rice were good. The problem came with the Flautas. I don't know if I've ever had such dry chicken. It made it very hard to eat and certainly not enjoyable. Other than that it would've been good.  You might want to check on that chicken. It was early so maybe it was yesterday's chicken and that's what made it so dry? Hopefully just a bad day today. I don't know but that was definitely the downside. Again, the employees were great.

thumb Kiki T.

  I would not give them any star if I didn't have to.  I have ordered here many times thinking maybe this time will be different.  It cost nearly $11 with tax.  Lack of sauce and cheapo taste.  Im not buying or recommend anyone anymore Why does the sour cream have this black stuff in it??  Never seen that before.  This place is cheap!!  Cheapo!!  Doesn't care for customers satisfaction.  It's hard times and you take my $11 for something I can make for under $5 and have more.  When I order from Applebee's the same appetuzer, I'd hardly can finish it for the same price.  Go back to the streets ..cheapo!!

thumb Sam Q.

  We were at the Saraga international market at Castleton today. You must try El Chavo while you are there!!!
These were the BEST chicken enchiladas I've ever had!!! I eat Mexican food all of the time. Trust me, these were delicious!!!!!!
Excellent homemade salsas we're offered. Great service. I'm definitely going back!!!

thumb Lisa V.

  Highly recommend. Authentic Mexican and very delicious. Located inside the Saraga International Grocery.

thumb Steph B.

  Reasonably priced and very flavorful. I ordered a chicken tinga taco, horchata, and equites (elotes in a cup). The taco was full of meat and very flavorful.  The horchata was well made and didn't taste like it was from a mix. The equites needs some work.  It had no spice, just a bit of mayo and cheese on top. It could benefit a lot from lime juice, salt, and chili. It was very bland and boring.

thumb DeAnna P.